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S-560g Paint Pray Booth Ceiling Filter

The ceiling filter is especially designed forthe final intake air filtration in paint-spray systems and booths. The mats are also suitable in any kind of fine filtration of ventilation systems and units.

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The filter mats are made of high performance polyester fibers with durable thermal bonding. The fine filtration mats are progressive mounted with fibers thermal bonding.

The fine filtration mats are progressive mounted with fibers thermal bonded and adhesive activated. 100% arrestance of particle size bigger than 10um

The clean airside is strenghthened with a polyester woven fabric which increases the stability of the filtration mat and prevents from dust breakthrough and possible hurts during the assembling

Silicon free

Humidity resistance up to 100%.F

Temperature resistance up to 100%

Flame resistance according to DIN53438F1

To supply in rolls or in cut pieces according to customer's specification

Product advantages:

1. It is made from the anti-break organic synthesis fiber in  high-powered melt way;

2.Gradual strumture, the fiber density increases gradually towards pure air;

3. Fully imgrenated media with adhesive treatment makes dust particles unable to pass;

4. It is at the customers' choise that the material have the entire coherency, the surface viscosity, dry procession

5. Conform to european DIN53438-F1 and American UL 900- class 2

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