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Synthetic Bag Air Filter

The XN-BAG filter are a family of sturdy bag filters, recommended as efficient air inlet filters for gas turbines, compressors and diesel engines

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These filters have a synthetic fibre media with ubnique properties, effectively removing harmful particles from the air. THe result is a smart solution for extended filter life, stable and predictable performance, and most of all, carefree operations. Filter frame available in steel, wood or plastic.


Non-discharging synthetic media or newly developed plastic fibre media

Low initial pressure loss, flat development

Newly-developed seam technique for vetter air distribution

Conical pockets and self- supportion bags

Maximum surface use

High mechanicla strength

Incinerable bags

High dust holding capacity

Designed for high velocity applications

Solid frame in stainless steel

Especially recommended for second stage filtration


The XN-BAG-L is an efficient air inlet filter for gas turbines, compressors and diesel engines. The XN-BAG-L, in combination with the newly tech layer, gives excellentg filtration benefits with inproved engine protection and no need for costly shutdowns.

The XN-BAG-V filter is a sturdy bag filter, recommended in areas where consiserations for high humidity and/or turbulenceis important. The filter has a synthetic fibre media with unique properties, effectively removing harmful particles from the air. Self-supporting bags and unique design make this filter and excellent pre-filter and coalescer choice for turvomachinery applications.



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