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Bag Air Filter

  • Bag Air Filter For Paint Room

    Bag Air Filter For Paint Room

  • Air Pocket Filter Bags 3 To Bags 12

    Air Pocket Filter Bags 3 To Bags 12

    XN-B50 is a series of energy-efficient ventilation filters with unique performance standards and a wide area of usage. XN-B50 filters are designed to filt all kinds of commercial and industrial HVAC installations. They clean the air from particles and improve indoor air...

  • Synthetic Bag Air Filter

    Synthetic Bag Air Filter

    The XN-BAG filter are a family of sturdy bag filters, recommended as efficient air inlet filters for gas turbines, compressors and diesel engines

  • Chicken Farm Bag Air Filter

    Chicken Farm Bag Air Filter

    XN-BF High Quality Bag Filter Pocket Filter is and extended surface air filter designed for most mediumn and high efficiency air filtration systems. This broad spectrum of styles and models make the main pack extremely versatile and suitable for almost any commercial or...

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