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FFU Installation instructions page 7 (Aerosol Sample and Static Port) Nov 24, 2018

Technical Note: Aerosol Sample and Static Port

Romm Side replaceable

STEP1: Remove diffuser perforated face by turning quater turn fasteners holding face in place.


NOTE: Safety cables will be attached to the diffuser face, but care should be taken to ensure that diffuser face does not swing and injure anyone.

STEP2: Remove gasketed bolt


STEP 3: Insert pressure measuring gauge to read perssure drop accross filter or upstream aerosol concentration.Hole size is 5/16"

Bench Top Replaceable

STEP 1: Remove gasketed bolt lacated along center channel of HEPA filter. There are two ports that can be used, but with LED indicator option, one port will be used for the LED installation.


STEP 2: Remove gasketted bolt

STEP 3: Insert pressure measuring gauge to read pressure drop across filter or upstream aerosol concentration Hole size is  5/16