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disposable HEPA terminal filter units Sep 20, 2017

Clean room refers to the air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure, noise and other parameters to be controlled according to the need for a better airtight space. Non-unidirectional flow clean room: Formerly known as turbulence-type clean room, indoor airflow is not all in a single direction flow. ;Non-unidirectional ;flow ;clean ;room ;has ;several ;common ;characteristics: ;terminal ;filter ;(high efficiency ;or ;high ;efficiency) ;as ;close ;as possible ;to the ;clean ;room, ;it ;can ;be the ;air ;outlet ;or ;directly ;connected ;to the air ;outlet, ;can ;also ;receive ;the ;room ;to ;the ;wind ;static ;pressure ;box; ;The return tuyere is located in the lower part of the clean room, in order to avoid the phenomenon of "Yang Ash".

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